New Year presents (2019)

Winter, holidays, New Year's mood. We decided to wish our wonderful and beloved clients a Happy New Year. And we made them a fairy tale.


First, we came up with a postcard in the form of a house with a congratulation inside, which can be put on the table so that it gives a mood.


Then we made a book with a fairy tale


And we could stop at this point. But no! We really wanted to come up with something completely unusual and a little crazy, like the New Year holidays themselves :) So the idea was born with cardboard little animals - the main characters of the fairy tale. We wanted them to be the center of the whole gift - customers must collect the animals themselves and decorate their workplace with them.

First, you had to understand how animals are designed


After this research, we created our first option


But the animals were very complex and weren't funny. That way, we began a new review from fairy tales.


Having selected several options for each beast, we got funny and cute characters.


We did it simpler, clearer and crazier.


The animals turned out to be simply gorgeous. We are sure that they will delight you with their funny, but still good-natured faces, and remind you that together you can do anything.


Happy New Year!


P.S. A bit of fun and feedback :)